speeding catholic

speeding catholic

Hack it

It was'nt me

It was'nt me

virtual-laser-keyboard-hand techno shock

virtual-laser-keyboard-hand techno shock

  1. Roba says:

    Hehehe….it means alot,even the picture comes first in the gallery…!

  2. leblab77 says:

    Roba….. you can see his priorities by the order of the photos.

  3. kwak says:

    BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: John Terry with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend. To outrage even your own greedy, amoral, sex-crazed, selfish Premier League colleagues is really impressive. Well done, JT, you Inglourious B*****d.

  4. leblab77 says:

    @kwak ….. JT is a Centerback while Bridge is a Fullback…. Ask your nearest coach what the rules of defending are …. 1.0 If a Full back leaves a hole …. the Centerback is supposed to fill it.

  5. alwovaidiocy says:

    @leblab77 this is not American football this is soccer FYI.

  6. mpisha says:

    Thank God i don’t play as a Fullback or else i will wreck someone filling that virtual hole which Leblab is trying to create…

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