Cloud computing and virtualization

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Cloud computing and virtualisation  is the next thing this is possible when there is fiber to every bodies door step when the digital divide does not exist.The future of OS will be in the  cloud not hardware or software locally but out there on the internet.This the time when we will not be downloading but streaming real time.

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In real real life take for example in technology for a startup it is good to research and see what other guys are using this might entail the hardware , software,marketing strategies and even programming language one uses to come up with their product, how advanced it is .To find a niche one has to up his/her game depending on what other guys in the market are doing ,and do it better after which you will be very successful..thats exactly what companies do to be leaders in the market and remain in business and profitable . The future remains unexplored and more to be discovered.

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Learn Stuffs  in IT at animated ….it never gets this better.

Just you and your text no distraction … dark room at and get punching .. in preferences you can adjust opacity for transparency of  you desktop loving it .



Dispora source code-open source

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Developers out there you can start working on dispora to show what you have in store for the world

Maltego awesome tool

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Can do some serious stuff with  this Tool try it out