Have a g33kmass everyone

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Admin

Talking of 2010 , this has been a very interesting and fulfilling year for me as a developer ,Kenyan and employee. Met different guys physically and on social media encouraging and discouraging (is like i care) thanks for those who have been good to me, learned so much ……gotten a new constitution and new hope for Kenyan developers thanks to the ICT board and *ihub_ which i secured green membership(i got dibs) more innovation to come from Kenya.I will always go with them words by  a couple of tweeples including @mbuguanjihia Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness @alykhansatchu if you snoose you loose @nesbit(kencall) Owerneship of an idea is by execution among others …..have a g33kmass everyone i sure will have one thanks for friends and enemies(like they care) for everything and following and followers who have provided links to enable me learn more and feel  appreciated(@alykhansatchu @kenya_tweets @g33kmate @NonieMG  just to mention a few) …. kuweni na siku kuu njema yenye fanaka na mwaka mpya(my swa iko down)


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