Success stories in kenya are of guys who studied abroad.

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Admin

My small online survey about different individuals in Kenya  shows that most gutsy,go getter,successful individual in business,career,technology,consultancy studied abroad.They at least did a degree or masters abroad (This is from their online profiles and details).This leaves me with so many questions unanswered …is it our education system(more of theory no hand on -certificate oriented ) where guys go to college for the certificate ?are we really proud of what we did back in college?can we really do it? are we really qualified? is my English good enough?am I eloquent and fluent enough ? Is there anyone i can learn from?is it that we just cant think out of the box? is it luck of technology and access to it? Bandwidth? poverty? and many other..

It all trickle down to us can do it? Do you believe in yourself? is everyone who studied abroad successful?(not all) are there guys who studied locally  successful?(a couple).

Believe in yourself and you can do it no matter what.


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